Hipsters & Hobos

Update: more site development coming soon but in the meantime please check out my new range of confectionary! You could be sampling seaweed tablet or chaga fudge in no time at all…


Almost nothing is as good for the soul as fresh air and countryside – even if the latter is a green space tucked away in the middle of an overflowing city.  The only thing that is better is a wonderful meal, most likely served up on a slate or in an old tin can.  So what could possibly be better than foraging one’s own wild food banquet, completely cutting out commercial processing and any unnecessary chemicals?

There are many common recipes to use these foraged foods however I have aimed to try to use these interesting ingredients in more unique ways, or bring out the best in a commonly overlooked gem.


2 thoughts on “Hipsters & Hobos

  1. Susan Bittker says:

    Hi Amy

    Gorgeous website, gorgeous photos, well done you!

    all best,

    Susan from the foraging class


    When I pick my (organic) apples on the allotment, would any of the groups you’re working with like some? Last year I gave some to various nursing homes, to the New Caledonian Woodlands group, to neighbours, etc., as I always have way more than I can use myself.


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